RoSfest Live DVD – Pledge for our new Live at RoSfest DVD

Pledge for our new Live at RoSFest DVD, special packages & more!

Hi All

We hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

It’s been an enjoyable and busy time for us since our last Pledge campaign, and such was the encouragement we received from all your support, we’ve decided to do it all again! This time we are offering a new Live DVD filmed in May at RoSFest in Gettysberg, Pennsylvania.

As you no doubt know, RoSFest (or the Rites of Spring Festival) is an annual progressive rock festival and we were delighted to have played there this year. So many of you came along, including some lovely Pledge veterans of course, and we can’t wait to show you the footage as it was shot live. We have the performance itself, some backstage footage and outtakes, which we are sure you’ll enjoy watching. Again we’ll be loading up some AccessPass Updates as the campaign progresses to keep you up to date of where we are with it all.

Not only will the DVD be available for you here, but you can opt to have your name in the DVD credits, receive signed stills from the video shoot, or we can even bestow the honour of Executive Director on you!

We hope you enjoyed the trip so much last time that you’ll join us again so we can release this DVD to the world!


5 thoughts on “RoSfest Live DVD – Pledge for our new Live at RoSfest DVD

  1. Keith Waye

    When will we be able to start pledging. I am most definitely IN. It was a real blast and an absolute honour to introduce you to the RoSfest audience.

  2. telboy

    hi I ordered the live at rosfest dvd in november and it is still in progress can you tell me when I can expect to get saw the paradise filter gig at salisbury and really enjoyed it.

  3. Steve Bullman

    As the link goes to a page that now says:
    “A winding up order was made against Limited in the High Court of Justice on 31 July 2019.”

    Wherefore DVD?


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